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Company History

In 1952, Mr. W.O. Giles acquired the “Hol-in-One” Donut Co. from Graham Electric of Little Rock, Arkansas.  He moved the business to Montgomery, Alabama and operated out of two rented buildings, manufacturing and selling a line of small donut fryers and donut mix.  The business grew and in 1965 began assembling a line of chicken fryers using outsourced parts ... Giles Enterprises, Inc. was incorporated in 1967.  Mr. Giles’ idea to completely fabricate his electric chicken fryer design led to a collaboration with Mr. William McNeal and in 1968 a manufacturing facility was built to fabricate fryers, start to finish.  The innovative vision of Mr. Giles and Mr. McNeal later resulted in the advent of Giles’ Ventless Recirculating ventilation technology for fryers and hoods, which was developed and patented in 1988.  The company continued to grow and the two entrepreneurs expanded the product line with innovative equipment, including a high-efficiency gas fryer design, an electric fryer design with an integral ventless hood, and an assortment of recirculating ventilation hoods.

Today Giles produces a wide variety of commercial equipment, which is marketed and sold worldwide ... electric and gas fryers, recirculating hoods, food preparation, hot food merchandisers, warming cabinets, rotisseries and various support products to fill the needs of any foodservice operator.  New products are being designed and introduced every year to meet market demand and to provide our customers the value they deserve.  Giles remains a privately owned company, striving to perpetuate the genius of Mr. Giles and Mr. McNeal and to be an innovative leader in the foodservice equipment industry.  We are dedicated to producing High Quality, Durable, User-Friendly and Cost Effective foodservice solutions while giving our customers, both large and small, genuine personal service. 

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